Jerry Haryanto

Jerry Haryanto

Co-Founder of BeGe

There is no doubt that Jerry Haryanto is a hard worker. He graduated magna cum laude with a double major from the University of Southern California and managed to land an investment banking job when the financial crisis hit the U.S in 2008. He then finished his MBA at Babson College in Boston as the youngest graduate in 2012, before decided to move back home to Indonesia.

After years of working at major companies, Haryanto felt it was time to strike out on his own and put his education and experiences to good use. He and his partner noticed an opportunity for board games – something he enjoyed quite a lot back in the U.S. – to bring this new lifestyle experience to Indonesia. Board games provide fun experiences for family and friends to bond over and have fun with, this was especially true during the current large-scale lockdown.

The 33-year-old entrepreneur then decided to build his own business that sells board games. The company, called BeGe (short for Board Game) provides thousands of games. “Rather than going to a bar or mall, board game is a healthier lifestyle choice that connects people. You can meet new people and play board games of your interest together.” Haryanto remarks, “It’s a positive and healthier lifestyle choice. Our vision is to make Indonesians happier one board game at a time.”

The first BeGe store was initially planned to be opened in December this year. However, due to unforeseeable second lockdown, Haryanto decided to push the opening into mid-2021. He and his team are currently focusing on the online store, so you and your family can buy the board games online, play at home and hopefully ease the boredom of lockdown at home.


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