Kama Sulaiman

Kama Sulaiman

“Some of our brands are B2B and some are B2C. We are in the food and beverages industry, as well as food logistics. So, we supply multiple brands and also our in-house brands,” says Kama Sulaiman. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Solomon Group, owner of Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery that has been steadily growing and also Pick Cup, a fast-growing beverage chain known for creative, high quality products at reasonable prices.

Naturally, a major focus of Sulaiman at the moment is the effects of the global pandemic.“I think every business will run through problems,” he observes. “The difference is that, right now, this problem is experienced by everyone globally. I think everyone needs to realise that the new normal isn’t going to be something that’s temporary. This is something that people need to consider right away so that everybody can be more flexible and find new ways to benefit from their business ventures.”

To that end, Sulaiman has a steady foundation: his parents’ teachings. “I remember how my parents taught me to stay humble and polite to everyone in every situation. Stay open minded, because opportunities can present itself at any given time, whether we are ready or not,” he concludes. “More importantly, they taught me to be a social chameleon, which means being able to adapt to many environments and different situations. I think, especially during and after the pandemic, that’s very important.”


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