Kevin Pudjiadi

Kevin Pudjiadi

Chief Financial Officer at Leafwell Group

Kevin Pudjiadi, Chief Financial Officer at Leafwell Group, has learned since early on not to take things at face value and to approach each new venture from various angles. Things hadn’t always been easy him, however. In fact, some of his better-known projects like Fedwell and Swillhouse came from the ashes of previously failed attempts. But he dug deep, reflected on what went wrong and always looked ahead at what he could do better. Pudjiadi’s one rule, however, is that he never brings his work home. Back to his business ventures, Pudjiadi was keenly aware that food industry is very dynamic.

Players in the business must always keep an eye on shifting trends, whether it’s in technology or consumer preference. The ongoing pandemic has forced the food industry to try and adopt new strategies using new platforms. Whether it’s are delivering freshly made cocktails the way Swillhouse does it or creating a brand-new project that sells through e-commerce platforms such as @enakdibungkus, Pudjiadi has found the perfect moment to get out of his comfort zone and experiment.

All that being said, he also notices that this is the time to be empathic to those around him and offer help wherever it’s needed – providing monetary aid when necessary but sometimes simply lending an ear.


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