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Laila Munaf


In 2012, Laila Munaf and three business partners started Sana Studio as a lifestyle hub for sports enthusiasts. The studio is especially popular in South Jakarta and offers an array of activities including Zumba, functional training, Pound Fit and yoga. Eight years later, the Sana community has grown and Munaf sees it as one of the milestones of her career.

“We want to stay fresh and relevant to the younger generations. I’m 37 years old now and truly, I don’t want Sana to only cater to people on my own age,” she remarks. “The challenge is social media and technology, which we are still learning to this day, but it keeps it interesting and encourages us to always move forward.”

With lockdowns beginning anew, however, Sana and its founders made the call to close the studio and move towards virtual classes. “In the beginning, holding online classes wasn’t easy. But we are lucky that our community understands,” Munaf recalls with a laugh. Like many other businesses shifting their presence online, she and Sana Studio had to deal with a myriad of technical issues, from connectivity problems to audio hiccups which were, obviously, very apparent in teleconference settings. “In these challenging times, I learned to have no expectations and to live in the moment,” Munaf exclaims. “We can’t expect things to go back to the way they were, but we can close that chapter in life and open a new one. To be reborn.”


Riesya Ventra

Founder of Arana & Co.

Amanda Rawles


Billy Kurniawan

Founder of Jiwa Group

Karla Jasmina

Creative Director of Karla Jasmina Brides