Larry Widjaja

Larry Widjaja


As founder and chairman of Biogreen Science, a company that provides health and beauty products, Larry Widjaja believes firmly in the importance of composure. Even while facing the uncertainties of life during a global pandemic, he points out that being anxious does nothing. “It doesn’t solve any problems. As a matter of fact, being anxious only adds new ones,” he says.

“I take advantage of the extra time during this pandemic to read books, exercise, meditate and remain grateful.” About the latter, Widjaja elaborates: “Being grateful shouldn’t happen only when we have money; we can be grateful for the smallest things. For example, for our ability to breathe, which we often take for granted. We shouldn’t need to wait until we have breathing problems before being grateful to be able to breathe normally.”

On the other hand, he also notes that today, businesses like his has been facing a particularly major challenge even before the pandemic: digitalization. “The challenge of digitalization today is actually an opportunity, and many businesses have to adjust or they will be left behind,” Widjaja explains. “Adapting to technology is the only safe way to survive, especially during this pandemic. I know that this is a very difficult time for many people, but we have to be flexible with our business strategies and reevaluate when needed to suit this digital era.”


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