Maria Charlotte

Maria Charlotte

Founder of ID Beauty Clinic Indonesia

According to dr. Maria Charlotte, B.Med.Sci, who is also founder of ID Beauty Clinic Indonesia, family is priceless. “Family is important to me. Having quality time with my family is part of my de-stressing management and really, I do cherish every moment with them.” Speaking of which, she also notes that her mother taught her the most important thing in life. “My mother is a single mother and she taught me not only to be tough, but also to pursue education as well,” Charlotte recalls. “She taught me to never give up on my family and to be independent. I hold on strongly to her values, and it is what keeps me going as a mother and a doctor.”

To that end, she also explains about her ways to stay positive amid the uncertainties of life during a global pandemic. “Here’s the thing: I tried to see the good in this situation. The more I think about it, the more become positive and optimistic. I am grateful to be able to spend the whole day with my loved ones. Fully in charge,” she says. “However, I also believe that this turbulence is a great shock to everyone. But we were born to adapt. Don’t let this obstacle keep you from your goals. Adapt and analyse the opportunities that arise and reach your goal.”


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