Marianne Rumantir

Marianne Rumantir

CEO of

For self-proclaimed points and aviation geek Marianne Rumantir, every role she’s had has taught her valuable lessons. She started her own business in 2009 and learned all the ups and downs of becoming an entrepreneur. The CEO of admitted that the most difficult challenge is was building her own business, taking risks and facing uncertainties.

She handles all that by staying persistent and consistent, deepening her awareness of her markets, and having a good business partner, because two heads are usually better than one. Maintaining a good work/life balance is definitely not something one can achieve on their own and she acknowledges the importance of a strong support system. For this full-time working mother, her ways to de- stress is through exercise, spending time with her close friends and travel. She also has a web series created with Luna Maya called “Travel Secrets” on YouTube.

Unintimidated by technology, Rumantir sees the heavy flow of information through smartphones and social media as an opportunity rather than a challenge. She thinks that the way people consume things have become more predictable and measurable, which allows her to leverage into this opportunity in creating the best product or service solutions for the market. Being a busy businesswoman that she is, Rumantir’s ultimate goal is to continuously feel content, maintain financial freedom and to help the people around her to achieve their own goals and become successful.


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