Michelle Maryam

Michelle Maryam

Fashion Designer

For Michelle Maryam, to have a brand under her name has always been a dream. “The most significant milestone in my life is to have that dream come to life,” she recalls. “I started MARYALLÉ seven years ago, and I honestly never thought that it would go this far. You can now find MARYALLÉ in a number of online and offline stores across Singapore and Malaysia, and then the Middle East, the U.K., and Europe.”

According to her, all of this is the fun part, because when you build your own business, you have to be aware and learn how to adapt fast and be better every single day. “There’s this pearl of wisdom: ‘every challenge brings an opportunity and the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity,’” exclaims Maryam. “Certainly, this advice rings true in today’s unpredictable global climate, and it has helped me overcome many difficult moments in my life. If you strongly believe in something and work hard, it will eventually happen.”

However, Maryam also believes that no matter what material success she might achieve, there’s nothing more important than finding happiness in your own personal life. “I’ve always considered myself very lucky and I know I’ve been able to enjoy a wonderful career. At the same time, I’ve realised that nothing else really means very much if you aren’t happy in your own world,” she says in closing.


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