Michelle Santoso

Michelle Santoso

Founder of Forking Clean

Michelle Santoso started her plant-based catering service, Forking Clean, with the goal of creating gourmet dishes that tastes good while debunking the myth that healthy food tastes terrible. As she continued to create new dishes in her kitchen and grow her business out, she decided to broaden her knowledge of nutrition and got certified as a performance nutritionist and PT. Before Santoso started Forking Clean, however, she had her doubts about jumping into a new career. “It’s almost like walking in blind and having to be completely confident in this skill that was never really explored,” she explains. For a while, she even considered giving up, but she pressed on anyway and soon after The Roots was born. The Roots is a salad bar and eatery located in Como Park, South Jakarta. She’s currently acting as the establishment’s chef.

She continues: “It’s scary doing something that is completely out of your realm of expectations, but what I’ve learned is that if we keep our heads down, put in the work, nothing else really matters. You’ve done the best you can and no one can really take that away from you.” Aside from being a mother and handling her business from home these days, Santoso is also very active on social media to educate people on nutrition, redefining the concept of fat loss and teaching people how to balance health and food in a more approachable way.


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