Nayoko Wicaksono

Nayoko Wicaksono

CEO of Algoritma

Nayoko Wicaksono is optimistic about the future and where technology is taking society. “I tend to embrace innovation as it tends to result in a net gain for society as a whole,” he says. “We are living in the future now and the world is changing at an exponential pace. But we are used to predictable linear changes, not exponential change.”

Wicaksono is the CEO of Algoritma, a data science education school that focuses on building applicational skills of the future. “We are going through the era of cyber physical systems where there is a rise in the number of smart devices connected to each other, all generating data and communicating with each other and with us,” he elaborates. “Computers allows humanity to outsource many of its brain-related tasks. The next step in the evolution is to outsource thinking to machines which we often refer to as AI and this is the future. This is why we teach the skills of the future because we interact with AI more and more and the amount of data required to process is so vast that we can’t do it manually anymore.”

Getting to where he is today to think about the future was, of course, quite the journey. “The most important lessons I learned from my parents is to be adaptable in life and face challenges with a smile,” he reminisces. “Another thing is to be kind and help others genuinely. Today I actively mentor and help leaders with social impact visions in environmentalism and education.” As for tomorrow, Nayoko hopes that the country can be a beacon for skilled talent from all over the world.


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