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Ninie Kurniawan

Founder of Chilli Me Softly, Co-Founder of PT. Lenika Indonesia Triliuner (LIT) and HeyGlow, and Reia Sleepwear

For Ninie Kurniawan – founder of Chilli Me Softly, co-founder of PT. Lenika Indonesia Triliuner (LIT) and HeyGlow, and also Reia Sleepwear – being an entrepreneur is a leap of faith. “Maintaining and sustaining a business is one of the biggest milestones in both life and career. It was always my focus to achieve financial independence and stability,” she remarks. “The first two years of any business are the hardest years for me. Getting your brand out there and creating awareness is a challenge.

After awareness, keeping consumers interested and buying is another game. I think building trust with your customers and understanding what the market wants, being consistent, being diligent and putting aside your ego is important in overcoming hurdles.” Introducing niche brands in Indonesia, especially skincare brands, is full of hurdles, but it also offers exciting opportunities in this era of social media and e-commerce. “I’m blessed with amazing partners and a team sharing the same goal and values, yet they have all these different ideas,” Kurniawan explains.

“As trends in technology and social media keep changing, we are always trying to advance ourselves and to always keep up with what’s current. Flexibility and a readiness to adapt to change is vital. It is also important to keep your brand marketing ideas fresh to attract and maintain the attention of your customers. With Instagram or websites as the storefront, our main focus is to make it user-friendly and appealing to our target market.”


Riesya Ventra

Founder of Arana & Co.

Amanda Rawles


Billy Kurniawan

Founder of Jiwa Group

Karla Jasmina

Creative Director of Karla Jasmina Brides