Patrick Owen

Patrick Owen

Fashion Designer

From his younger days, designer Patrick Owen has done a lot of things by himself. But those ultimately taught him to be himself, giving him the freedom to explore on his own and allowing him to grow to be his true self. He knew no one in his first year in Jakarta, but he steeled himself with a strong interest in fashion and constantly looked out for people who he thought would be able to help him pursue his dream at that time. Through sheer luck – and, we imagine, plenty of determination – the people he has met pulled him from the bottom to where he is now and for that, he is forever grateful.

Owen has learned how to grow, to create a more truthful self, to amend mistakes and to allow himself to elevate through a natural process in. In short, he learnt to look at things in a much more neutral manner, and to allow possibilities to play out.

Throughout his career, he has always thought that having his collection presented on international runways would be the ultimate achievement as a designer. Looking back, however, what made Owen most happy were the moments he shared with the people around him. Now his ultimate goal is to be able to embrace different possibilities in life and allow nature to take its own course. That is not to say that he aspires for an effortless life, but a much more meaningful and sincere connection with things and people around him.


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