Priscilla Pangemanan

Priscilla Pangemanan


Throughout the past three years, a lot has happened at SASC, which is short for Socially Aware Sexy Cosmetics. The social enterprise was founded in 2017 by Priscilla Pangemanan together with Michelle Karli and Felicia Sendjaja, with the aim of empowering women through beauty. “We started with Ultimate Lip Liquid, only five SKUs, and as time passed by, we released more products,” Pangemanan explains. “We are also collaborating with many inspiring women from all across the country who we proudly call our muses. There are nine women involved so far with from various backgrounds, including athletes, doctors, actresses, philanthropists and many more.”

The expanding business taught the mother of two to become more resilient and creative, especially during these trying times when many people see little reason to wear makeup all the time. “We had to come out with a new product line which is more into skincare,” she explains, “because people nowadays focus more on essential products.” SASC did indeed launch Refresh & Go Face Mist in the middle of April, but Pangemanan shares that it was mere coincidence: “We didn’t expect there to be a pandemic and the products were already planned.” Still, it was a case of perfect timing.

Surrounded by a supportive family, friends and a solid team, Pangemanan remains hopeful for the rest of the year. “We will have a little surprise, a collaboration with one of the most renowned artists in Indonesia,” she hints. “It will be really exciting and I can’t wait for the day.”


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