Ricky Maharis

Ricky Maharis

Co-Founder of Maharis Beauty

One thing that Ricky Maharis has learned from his parents is the importance of hard work. That, along with perseverance and to never be afraid of trying new things. When he decided to enter medical school and then specialize in dermatology, even getting admitted was a challenge. Now, he’s working in the field that he’s always been passionate about and has started his own venture in the beauty industry. Maharis Beauty includes dermatology and aesthetic clinics as well as consumer products such as Votre Peau skin care, Quesella skin care, Maharis skin care and Maharis clinic.

Turbulent changes in the medical and business field brought many aspects of the economy and social life to a screeching halt. So, the dermatovenereologist and his team worked hard to reinvest in new technology and become more flexible in order to cater to new demand or new opportunities. So, while a lot of people prefer to stay at home, Maharis is grateful enough that he can continue catering to people’s beauty needs through e-commerce, home delivery and home wellness services. Naturally, safety is still a huge priority, so his company goes to great lengths to provide its services in a manner that is truly safe.

Being a sentimental person, Maharis loves to learn about culture and history from books, travelling and collecting antiques to destress and maintain a good work life balance. And his ultimate goal in life is to always be happy, caring about others and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves.


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