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Riesya Ventra Prihatin

Riesya Ventra

Founder of Arana & Co.

Riesya Ventra started her catering company when she was still studying in university, with the hope of being financially independent. The young entrepreneur quickly learned that she’s capable of multitasking and that owning her own business brought out another side of her: she was – and is – an excellent team leader.

Not only that, Riesya has found in her family a support system that she can always rely on. In short, family is everything for her, especially her parents, so she puts them first, always. Since she started her own company, her father also reminder her to take at least two days off every week so she would be able to rest and recharge properly.

Still, Riesya admits that with all the challenges and conveniences presented by new advances and trends in technology, she sometimes worries that she might miss out on new opportunities. “These days I kind of need to push myself to learn more and keep up with the trends, so I spend a fair bit of my time to catch up with new tech in my field,” adds the young entrepreneur on the matter. As she works in a highly competitive business, stress has become a daily part of Riesya’s life. So, she always tries to look at the positive side of things while doing her best to remain on the right track.