Ririn Ekawati

Ririn Ekawati

Founder of Kopi Lain Hati

Presenter-turned-entrepreneur Ririn Ekawati has always looked forward to new challenges. Given her background in the entertainment industry, jumping into F&B was not a walk in the park. Ekawati started Kopi Lain Hati in 2019 and within a year, the coffee franchise has over 200 shops across Indonesia.
“Since I was a kid my mother always told me to commit to everything I chose to do and to have faith in whatever I am doing,” reveals Ekawati.

“This venture into the F&B industry has been very challenging and is quite an eye-opener as I started everything from zero with my partners. I’ve always been a hard-worker and enjoy challenges. Maybe it’s a bit reckless, as this is something new to me. But it helps to be humble and ask a lot of questions.” Like other local businesses, Kopi Lain Hati had to find creative solutions to keep the business going and survive the pandemic. One way they did was by creating one-litre packages that allowed customers to stock up on Kopi Lain Hati’s various beverages. “I have a lot of employees and with that comes with a lot of responsibility,” Ekawati explains.

“It keeps me sane to know that a lot of people’s livelihoods depend on this company and that’s enough for me to keep going and figure out creative steps to allows this company to move.”


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