Rollin Shah

Rollin Shah

Co-Founder of Kisaku

“With this pandemic, I have accepted that things may never be the same as they used to be, and the best we can do is to be prepared for any outcome,” says serial entrepreneur Rollin Shah. He hopes that moving forward, people will become more conscious that life is a one-chance affair. On that note, Shah beliefs that we should make the most of it on our own terms, rather than live out other people’s expectations or do things merely out of convenience.

A particularly life-changing moment for Shah was a life-threatening incident in his past. While he survived, he initially struggled with the challenge alone as it happened overseas and he still struggles physically until today. His sister, Raline Shah, was instrumental in helping him find the tools
to help him recover, and the most impactful turned out to be meditation. Beyond helping him recover physically, meditation also helped mentally and spiritually. Shah now also support the Isha foundation and is trying to make Isha’s tools and methods available to more people in Indonesia.

That chapter of Shah’s journey motivated him to appreciate the seemingly normal things in life, like enjoying the regular coffee runs he does with his good friend. When that same friend mentioned how his coffee habit costs more than his electricity bill, that random remark became a “eureka” moment and they decided to build their own coffee shop, KISAKU. The idea is to allow people to enjoy quality coffee without breaking the bank, all while sharing that simple joy with others. In short, Shah sees work and life as being part of each other, and now he is doing what he loves with the people that have become his family.


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