Rory Asyari

Rory Asyari

Independent Journalist, MC, Co-Founder of Sleep Project Indonesia

Independent journalist, MC, and entrepreneur Rory Asyari has taken a huge step in a new direction. “I would say that leaving my comfort zone in Metro TV to venture on a new business and creating a positive influence through my social media platforms are the milestones in my life,” he says. “My business partner and I are building a brand, Sleep Project Indonesia, an avenue for us to channel our curiosity, taste, acute attention to detail, and ambition to thrive. The business centres around bedding, sleepwear, and other sleep essentials that so passionate and optimistic about.”

That being said, Asyari is still very much passionate about public issues as well. “My social media presence must become the voice of the unheard, a platform of education, inspiration, and courage. It aims to break stigmas, irrelevant social boundaries, and prejudice,” he elaborates, noting that he often starts discussion about sensitive matters such sexuality, toxic masculinity, etc. on his YouTube channel, in a segment called “Why It Matters.” Technology also features prominently in Asyari’s business ventures.

“My business is heavily reliant on e-commerce and social media. My voice is channelled through my social media account. That’s why I take social media seriously despite its potential to be a two-edged sword,” he concludes. “I lose on one side but gain on the other. This pandemic has been a good momentum for Sleep Project Indonesia, but it also puts my other projects on hold. What I can do? Maximize the opportunities, embraces the losses.”


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