Shalindra Kawilarang

Shalindra Kawilarang

Shalindra Kawilarang had an eating disorder. She was struggling with her weight and never felt good in her own skin. But with a determination to feel and look better, she decided to change her lifestyle completely. “I chose to eat well and exercise as often as I could until it became a routine, an obsession, a passion. The confidence I gained from my new lifestyle motivated me to start my own business,” Shalindra says.

Shalindra launched Pura Vida (meaning pure life) in 2014 as a homemade healthy snacks provider, along with two friends Vanessa Budihardja and Krizia Lauw. Its claim to fame is overnight oats in different variants. “I’ve always loved being in the kitchen, and it really shows through my catered goods,” says Shalindra. 

Pura Vida delivers parfaits, vegan cakes, granola and organic honey to busy Jakartans who are health-conscious yet time-pressed. Their new line of products are Fresca vegan smoothies. “Starting a business with overnight oats alone might sound silly, but so far, we have made a difference in the local community,” says Shalindra. Pura Vida’s guiltless treats are now available through its webstore, social media channels, as well as 11 distribution points around Jakarta.

Her new lifestyle does not only motivate Shalindra, but also inspires many others. Pura Vida’s Instagram account (@puravidajkt) has close to 14,000 followers, while Shalindra’s personal account (@theoatlady) has almost 15,000. On the latter, Shalindra shares personal tips, inspirations and her daily vegan menu. “Along the way, I have learned that self-love is key. Knowing that young girls out there are looking up to me, I have to keep going and inspiring others. I can’t stop now because more people out there need my help and support as much as I need theirs.”


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