Tantra Tobing

Tantra Tobing


Banker-turned-entrepreneur Tantra Tobing is known for his love for aviation. He finds flying therapeutic and sees it as more than just a hobby. His passion for sharing his flying experiences led earned him the title of Indonesia’s most favorite aviation blogger in 2019.

Of course, flying is severely limited at the moment. Still, while working on establishing his new start-up, Tobing continues his work as an influencer for luxury travel and fine dining – two business segments that are among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Now, he helps hospitality ventures expose their products to the public.

The Deakin University graduate sees opportunity when it comes to technology because, to him, it eliminates many boundaries and obstacles, especially when it comes to reach and time. Unsurprisingly, Tobing feels that the pandemic has taught business owners many new things, especially in building tech capability. Those who have been relying on conventional methods and channels in conducting business and reaching customers are now forced to build new strategies and a strong digital presence.

Furthermore, Tobing has been involved in Saab Shares, a non-profit organization, as its Chief Relationship Officer for the last four years. And during this pandemic, the social enterprise has been trying to widen its reach of donors and benefactors. His ultimate goal in life is simple: to live a life with purpose.


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