YJI 40th – Chitra Subyakto

Chitra Subyakto

Founder and Creative Director of Sejauh Mata Memandang

Chitra Subyakto, founder and Creative Director of textile label Sejauh Mata Memandang, is one of a number of Indonesian designers who are dismayed by fast fashion’s impact on the environment. Her own label is built upon the principles of “slow fashion” and sustainability and everything is handmade, a belief that’s translated into her work for the heart foundation’s 40th anniversary auction.

The costume designer and “textile explorer,” who launched her company in 2014, used patchwork leftovers from her label’s production process to create a shawl featuring the silhouette of a heart, with beads as accents. The shawl, Chitra notes, “provides warmth and calmness when worn.”

Her hopes for the auction are that it will “open the eyes and hearts of everyone involved to realise that we don’t exist in a vacuum, and that we need to help each other to keep going forward.”


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