YJI 40th – dr. Siska Suridanda Danny

dr. Siska Suridanda Danny

Cardiologist, Head of the Jakarta branch of Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kardiovaskular Indonesia (PERKI)

Cardiologist dr. Siska Suridanda Danny is Head of the Jakarta branch of Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kardiovaskular Indonesia (PERKI). She works in the Intensive Care Unit at the National Cardiovascular Center Harapan Kita Jakarta, and is also on the medical staff of the Cardiology Department of Universitas Indonesia General Hospital and a lecturer at the Department of Cardiology and Vascular Medicine, University of Indonesia. Currently pursuing a PhD, dr. Siska still somehow finds the time to coordinate Yayasan Jantung Indonesia’s mission in the Jakarta region.

“Women’s heart health has been one of my interests since I was doing my cardiology training,” dr. Siska says. “The mortality rate for women with heart attacks is twice that of men. In 2014 or 2015, I met with Ms. Mia Hanafiah (former Chairwoman of YJI), who told me about a programme the foundation had launched called Go Red for Women. Because it raised awareness of heart disease among women, I became fascinated with the campaign and asked Ms Mia what could I do to help. Since then, I’ve been involved in YJI activities such as public education and research, and public screening and heart health campaigns.”

dr. Siska subsequently submitted a paper on heart and cardiovascular disease in Indonesia to the World Heart Federation. “It was accepted and so YJI was awarded funding for research, for which the main site is in Makassar, South Sulawesi.” Why Makassar? “Because it’s the area of the nation with the highest sickness and mortality rates from heart and cardiovascular diseases. We have recruited around 1,100 participants, and the research is ongoing.”


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