YJI 40th – Franka Franklin-Makarim

Franka Franklin-Makarim

CEO and co-founder of Tulola

For Yayasan Jantung Indonesia’s 40th anniversary, Franka Franklin-Makarim and her Bali-based Tulola Designs have created a special heart brooch and a pair of subeng earrings. “It’s a quite big brooch,” says Franka. “It’s inspired by how we see the sustainability of life continuing on. The subeng are also quite big, and are made of silver, gold and rose quartz. They’re inspired by the strength that we put into living our lives every day.”

Through this collaboration, the CEO and co-founder of Tulola hopes more people will be inspired to support the heart foundation’s mission. “We can help the creative industries and health community collaborate and come together to help people become more aware of heart health issues. YJI is one of the most prominent pioneers of healthy living in Indonesia and so this collaboration is something that we’re excited to be a part of. We were approached by YJI earlier this year to work with them on this year’s event. We see it as something that’s very beneficial for this particular time. I’m sure we will be supporting the foundation’s cause for many years to come.”

Tulola has been making silver and gold jewellery for 13 years. In the last four years, it has opened three stores in Jakarta and one in Bali. The brand has also become known internationally owing to its work in creating heritage motifs with a modern take.


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