YJI 40th – Mia Hernoto

Mia Hernoto

Legal Counsel

Mia Hernoto became a YJI Millennial Heart Squad member after being approached by Esti Nurjadin, the foundation’s Chairwoman. “I have known Ms. Esti for a long time,” 29-year-old Mia says. “She knew I was a sports and healthy living enthusiast. And I’m also a millennial, of course.” Mia’s love of sports can be seen from her Instagram page, where she often posts her cycling and golfing exploits, as well as her gym work.

The squad uses social media to spread awareness among millennials of the importance of taking care of their heart health. “Living healthy has to start when we’re young,” says Mia, who is a legal counsel by profession. She has also created ‘Hak Asasi Perut’, which raises funds for taxi drivers whose incomes have been devastated by the pandemic.

Says Mia: “As you know, prevention is better than cure, but young people don’t always look after themselves as they should, do they? The squad’s members are millennials themselves, so they know very well how to get through to people of their own generation. This is why the foundation launched the squad, selecting millennials from different backgrounds to promote its heart disease prevention programmes.”


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