YJI 40th – Sebastian Gunawan

Sebastian Gunawan

Fashion Designer

“I see this year’s YJI event as an opportunity for us art enthusiasts to be giving back to the community,” says the renowned fashion designer Sebastian Gunawan. Although busy with work on his 2022 collection, Gunawan found time to create a special dress for the heart foundation’s prestigious 40th anniversary fundraiser. This event is not the first time he has been involved with the Indonesian Heart Foundation, as he has been an active participant in many of its past activities.

“It’s only natural. After all, a healthy heart is the key to a happy life,” notes Gunawan of the inspiration for his design. He describes the dress he is donating to the auction, which will feature a short poem made from crystals, as “intricately made with lace fabric and featuring heart-shaped motifs”.

“I know for certain that the foundation has helped a lot of people who are in need when it comes to issues like pursuing healthy lifestyles, and especially improving their heart health,” concludes the designer. Gunawan says he hopes that “in the future, the foundation will organise new activities that could also incorporate the involvement of more industries, which I feel would be beneficial to YJI’s public health cause.”


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