YJI 40th – Stella Rissa

Stella Rissa

Fashion Designer

Contributing her design talent to the Indonesian Heart Foundation’s 40th anniversary is of personal significance to Stella Rissa, for her husband suffered a heart attack earlier this year. The founder and head designer of the fashion brand that bears her name has created something that’s a little out of her usual line: a canvas bag. It’s a brilliant creation, overlaid with an image of a heart that was printed over and then painted by hand.

“This bag is special for me because my husband had a heart attack early this year,” says the designer, who is admired by her peers for her hard work and dedication as well as her ability. “I hope that with this bag, together with the Indonesian Heart Foundation, we can help spread awareness about heart disease and provide funds for hospital equipment to treat those in need.”

One of the most critically acclaimed fashion designers in Indonesia, Rissa was crowned as La Salle College Jakarta’s best graduate in her class of 2006. Her entire career has since been adorned with awards. Known to many fashion enthusiasts as one of the youngest fashion designers pioneering Indonesian ready-to-wear, Rissa is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the Indonesian fashion scene, and her reputation has stretched beyond home to international markets.


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