YJI 40th – Toton Januar

Toton Januar

The co-founder and Creative Director of TOTON

“I think the heart foundation is a very capable organisation, having done its work for four decades,” says Toton Januar of his involvement with YJI’s 40th anniversary event. The co-founder and Creative Director of the fashion label Toton is contributing two pieces to the auction.

“They can be worn together or separately,” says Januar of his special creations. “The dress is made with white-blue ceramic ornaments embossed on organza. Its design cues are inspired directly by the foundation. The piece will feature papier-mâché, drawing inspiration from our fall/winter 2021 collection. The second piece is a breastplate. This can serve as an accessory to the dress, but can also stand on its own as an art piece. It also features Indonesian white-blue ceramic ornaments and papier-mâché.

“My hope for the Indonesian Heart Foundation and everyone involved is to broaden their reach in terms of assistance to the Indonesian people. Early detection is one of the most important steps in stopping heart disease,” says Januar, praising YJI’s approach to spreading heart health awareness. He tells us that he has lost people close to him because they didn’t know they had heart problems until it was too late.


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