YJI 40th – Zico Halim & Margaretha Novianty

Zico Halim & Margaretha Novianty

Creative Director, Head of Marketing of Tangan

Tangan is a fashion brand that was inspired by the human heart. Zico Halim, Creative Director, says the label’s stellar contribution to the heart foundation’s 40th anniversary auction is “a jacket with patterns that resemble the heart and a silhouette inspired by the kebaya, which serves as the analogy that culture serves as the heart of civilisation. The heart is the core of the human body and this is why we have decided to combine two cores: one of Tangan and one of Indonesian fashion, the kebaya.”

As the label prepares a new collection, Tangan Whim, exclusively for MasariShop, Tangan’s Head of Marketing, Margaretha Novianty adds: “As a brand, Tangan hopes to support the Indonesian Heart Foundation through all of its programmes, as well as helping it spread the message that you need to take good care of your heart, especially among the youth.”


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