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Now that we’ve got more time to sleep-in, might as well splurge on where you’re spending your nights. Here’s why we recommend the Lotus Opulenze Spring Mattress.

It’s said that we spend about 1/3 of our lives on our bed and, let’s be honest, during the Covid-19 lockdown period it might even be a little more when you factor in some of those Netflix binge nights. For this reason, and many others, it makes sense to put a lot of thought into which mattress to choose for both you and your family. When it comes to innovative sleep comfort technology, the new 13.5 inch Opulenze latex spring medium-soft mattress from Lotus, available in King (6ft.), Queen (5ft.) and Twin (3.5ft.), has a long list of impressive features, but these five alone – plus a 10 year warranty – should put your mind, and your body, to rest.

Privacy Tech Zoned Coil

Designed for the most peaceful rest and relaxation, the new Privacy Tech Zoned Coil is a patented sleep technology from LOTUS which consists of primary and secondary personal zones – perfect for couples! A vertical motion deflection barrier in the center creates the primary personal zone, dividing the mattress surface area into a left and right side in order to minimize motion transference between sleepers. The secondary body zone is then divided into seven horizontal sections, each providing a distinct firmness level, offering personalized support by means of an innovative “up/down” pocketed coil system. Meanwhile, each coil has a smaller diameter spring, to maximize the number of coils, and their unique honeycomb layout provides maximum consistency in weight balance.

Lotus Hygiene Guard

A specially designed hygiene guard surrounds the inner spring coil for a soft-touch border, while at the same time safeguarding the mattress from unwanted particles entering into the mattress layers – which can lead to dust mites and various allergens. In addition, Opulenze latex spring mattress by LOTUS are treated with SANICARE, made from vegetable-extract, for permanent resistance against dust mites.

Gel Infused Memory Foam Topper

Available in two thicknesses – 20mm and 30cm – the gel infused memory foam topper offers body conforming support with a cooling gel that absorbs body heat from surrounding memory cells. In addition, unique airflow channels provide exceptional ventilation, allowing heat to escape so you’ll stay cool and dry all night long.

Auto AR Circulation

Special air-permeable layers inside the mattress automatically and progressively generate air-flow within and throughout the mattress, in order to help keep it fresh over time.

Pressure Relief System

The special pressure relief system in the Opulenze mattress consists of three parts: natural wool blended with Conjugate Hollo Fill II Fibre 200 gsm (7 cells); Talalay latex peel processed with unique Talalay technology to create opened-cell structure throughout; and two layers of 37mm Stressfree foam (soft).

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Bruce Scott

As the Lifestyle Editor for Prestige Magazine Thailand, Canadian-born Bruce Scott keeps a close eye on what’s trending both in Bangkok and beyond. He enjoys live music, documentary films, and dinners with fancy wine pairings. When not hard at work keeping up with the latest restaurant and bar openings in town you’ll probably find him at the beach, most likely lying in a hammock with headphones on.