The Pantone Color of The Year is an annual rite of passage that sets the colour tone for the year ahead. For this year’s “it” shade, the Pantone Color Institute has decreed Classic Blue to be this year’s trendiest hue.

Elegant in its simplicity, the colour is said to evoke “the sky at dusk” and “our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” If this calming shade appeals to your senses, have a glance at these Classic Blue furnishings below that will add some timeless tranquility to your abode.

Images have been sourced from the respective brands.

ARCHETTO chair by MisuraEmme

Designed by Mauro Lipparini, the Archetto chair supported by a sleek cross-legs wooden structure represents a glorious union of elegance and relaxation. Available in both swivel and fixed designs, this comfortable cradle also includes a removable seat pad and backrest in the lining.

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Cortes side table by Clan Milano

Composed of durable poplar wood structure, the Cortes side will immediately vibrant touch to any home decor. The base of the table is wrapped in a non-removable fabric and padded with polyurethane foam for added stability, while brass volumes, gold finishes and an elegant marble top completes the overall silhouette.

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Medusa by MB&F

An exceptional demonstration of artisanal skill and Swiss horological precision, the Medusa dual-configuration clock by creative partners L’Epée 1839 and MB&F was inspired by the silhouette of a jellyfish. This mesmerising contraption comprises a hand-blown Murano glass dome that protects a movement engineered around a central axis. Depending on one’s preference, the clock can be placed upon a desk or mounted on the ceiling.

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COSMO sofa by Opera Contemporary

Sophisticated from all angles, this contemporary seating option by timeless Italian style purveyors Opera Contemporary makes an alluring centrepiece in any home. Details include diamond-patterned quilting, plus cushions, and a sturdy base illuminated by the golden finish.

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Sound-Rack Container by Kartell by Laufen

Created by Roberto and Ludovica Palomba, this modern shelving solution is simplicity at its best. Crafted from semi-transparent plastic, the freestanding unit can also function as a fixed rack for storage purposes. Additional colour options available include transparent glass, smoked glass, tangerine orange, and amber.

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Debry armchair by Smania

A clever nod to the classic Chesterfield armchair, the Derby armchair will blend in beautifully in almost any living space. The sculptural shape of the chair comprises an original quilting design and elegant metal details, resulting in a comfortable cradle that offers long lasting relaxation.

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Wishbone Side Table by Alexander Lamont

Designed by Alexander Lamont, the Wishbone side table enthrals with its unique design and vibrant colour scheme. Supporting the table are two metal pieces resembling a bird’s wishbone which have been  treated with a lost-wax bronze patina, while the parchment top displays a stunning Indigo shibori tie-dye pattern.

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Armchair by Angelo Cappellini

The latest Baroque-inspired design by Italian furniture artisans Angelo Cappellini is throne worthy of praise. Finer details of this graceful armchair includes cabriole legs with a walnut finish, paired with an exclusive blue satin fabric that features a lively geometric pattern.

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Midnight Morris by Omar Khan Rugs

Designed by Omar Khan, this luxurious rug brings the outdoors in by showcasing a sinewy floral pattern on a solid blue base. Measuring 550cm in height, the rug features semi worsted wool, a laborious process that involves separating finer, longer strands of wool from shorter less desirable wool through a meticulous combing method.

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Dream Kingdom Phantom bed by Getha Bedding

A bed truly fit for royalty, this lavish creation of the Dream Kingdom range was devised by a multiple-award winning Getha, a leading manufacturer of natural latex foam mattresses and bedding products in Malaysia. Unlike conventional beds, this sumptuous model features a mattress made of 100 percent natural latex that ensures comfort and breathability. Further enhancing the overall sleeping experience are luxurious materials including French wool, velour, gold and Italian Mastrotto leather.

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