Happy belated Earth Day! Celebrated on April 22 of every year, Earth Day is dedicated to showing support towards environmental protection. As eco-friendly lifestyle initiatives begin to rise in popularity, there is an increase in enthusiasm towards the ideals that Earth Day represents. As a purveyor of luxury lifestyle, we at Prestige make it a point to remain on top of the latest trends, and it is incredibly encouraging to observe these trends take a meaningful turn towards positively impacting our environment. As various industries — from food and beverage to beauty and fashion — begin to get the memo and start stepping up their go-green game, you too can join in the movement. Here are some easy steps on how you can change your lifestyle — for the greener good.

Whether you prefer your reusable straws made of paper, glass, or even a vegetable stem is up to you — all are better than plastic. A one-use straw can take over two centuries before it is fully broken down, and even then miniscule toxic residue pieces still remain. You wouldn’t think it, but simply getting your coffee-to-go sans straw is enough to make a difference in our plight to save the environment. And the amount of effort that goes in on your part is close to none — do you really need that straw?

Straw fanatics need not fret. There are plenty of eco-friendly substitutes out there for you, from bamboo to stainless steel and even the occasional lemongrass shoot. Many of them even come in a set, complete with straw brush for convenience. Cheers to loving nature without forgoing hygiene! Some places even sell them at varying widths, meaning bubble-tea enthusiasts can also play their part in stepping up their go-green game.

… For a chic, eco-friendly alternative! Get your daily H2O fix and save the world while you’re at it by getting yourself a reusable bottle — an easy step towards taking your life down a more environmentally-conscious route. Not only is it a great way to remind you and those around you to stay hydrated, but a lot of these eco-friendly bottles also come with great functionality and style. Shop around for the one that best fits your needs, and the next time you’re at your local Starbucks, get your java-to-go in it.

With so many options out there in the market, it’s easy to constantly switch out the beauty products in our makeup routine — rarely do we think about how that new lipstick or cult-favourite concealer is impacting the environment. It is, of course, possible to keep your makeup game strong while being kind to mother nature by simply opting for ethical beauty products on your next makeup haul.

You probably want to make informed choices anyway — instead of basing your purchases on reviews alone, go the extra mile to make sure you’re using products that don’t test on animals or contain any toxic ingredients. The good news is that sustainability is finally joining hands with the beauty and fashion industries, meaning there are lots of eco-friendly, good quality products for you to choose from! One of our favourites is Herbivore Botanicals — a 100 percent plant-based skincare brand that is adamant in its stance against animal testing.

Conscious consumerism has been steadily rising in over the years, and brands are starting to get the memo. Gradually we see the emergence of cruelty-free fashion, and even the high-end brands — cue Stella Mccartney, Gucci — are beginning to play their part. For those of you who are looking to go green without giving up on style, get the best of both worlds by exploring the increasing amount of eco-friendly fashion options out there.

For instance, Ferragamo’s latest project 42 Degrees is “dedicated to fashion enthusiasts who care about the future of the planet.” What to expect? A small capsule collection of accessories, made completely out of sustainable materials and components. 42 Degrees is available online here.

There’s often a misconception that being more environmentally aware means giving up on the finer things in life. This is false — to lead a greener life is to be more conscious of what you are consuming, not to give up on consumption altogether. It is to consider how you can make a positive impact on the environment, while at the same time being aware of how you negatively affect it. Today, it is entirely possible to be eco-friendly without giving up on comfort and luxury. For those planning an upcoming getaway, why not try going on a glamping trip? Not only is it a truly luxurious, unique travelling experience, but it also helps you reduce your carbon-footprint while enjoying your holiday.

The temporary nature of glamping accommodation lessens your impact on the surrounding nature, and oftentimes this accommodation is especially co-exist harmoniously with the landscape.

Let’s be honest — leading the green life is possible, but it isn’t always easy. A big part of why it can be challenging especially in Bangkok is because it is so much easier to not be environmentally conscious. Almost every roadside snack you buy comes in a plastic bag, and single-use plastics are given out so freely in this country it becomes a hassle to refuse them. Oftentimes we don’t realise how much unnecessary waste we are producing until we actively try to be more conscious about our individual consumption habits. As the eco-friendly movement gains momentum, it is prime time for you to take a firm stand and play your part in making a difference. Don’t need that plastic bag? Say no.