Best-Dressed List from Met Gala 2019, Camp: Notes on Fashion

Met Gala 2019’s theme Camp: Notes on Fashion, which is inspired by Susan Sontag’s book “Notes on Camp,” in 1996, has challenged the guests to reveal their true sense of individual style. As Sontag describes it, “Camp is a vision of the world in terms of style—but a particular kind of style. It is the love of the exaggerated, the ‘off,’ of things-being-what-they-are-not … Camp is art that proposes itself seriously, but cannot be taken altogether seriously because it is ‘too much.’”

So who nailed the dress code this year? See our champion of the camp in the slides.

Lady Gaga served not one, but four looks at the same time! One was the pink coat dress, two was the black dress, third dress come in pink again, and the last one was, well, a sequin bikini and fishnets with glitter platform boots. What could more possibly camp than that? No one can pull it off other than Gaga.

Céline Dion shows you what camp is all about! The 51-year-old singer rules the street with her haute couture collections that she casually wears from head-to-toe every day. Now, she has made a real entrance and showed to everyone once again that she loves fashion! Bravo!

All hail to supermodel Naomi Campbell. Always in good shape, she slayed the night with a candy pink Valentino sheer dress complete with the brocade tights and fur cape! Plus, how can we miss the stack of Bvlgari Heritage jewels?!

She may not be the most talked about on Instagram right now with her Met Gala 2019’s look, but she won our heart by being so elegant with the strong shoulders that fitted sequined long sleeves dress. It is a look that fit for her – that strong, fun, yet demure at the same time. We always get that vibes from her appearances. Love! Love! Love!

In terms of style, especially on the red carpet, the actress who plays the role of Wonderwoman has never been that camp. But in this Givenchy dress, we started to see what a perfect dress would be for her if she began to play more fun in fashion!

Who would deny the stylish blood of this sisters? Always look regal, they opted for wearing vintage leather dresses by Chanel. They naturally show that they’re the seniors in nailing the camp dress code. Hats off!

Beautiful and cool. We always love to see her style on the red carpet in the last couple of years. She certainly already has that cool vibes even without the dress, but this time, she took her red carpet look to the next level with Salvatore Ferragamo suit dress and that floor-length sheer scarf. We are in love!

The 30-year-old Actress nailed the white haute couture dress! She completely channels her true style by donning herself with 60s beauty look with glamorous touches of high jewellery from Cartier. Such beauty!

Crazy Rich Asian Actress has revealed her true style spirit; she is a gothic flapper! She may be sporting a lot of colourful dresses before, but we believe she tells us what she loves in terms of style.

Is it pink or coral? I think we need to see it in real life, but Actress Emma Roberts never fails to charm us with her red-carpet looks. The dress looks comfortable yet still attractive.

Tennis fans are quite familiar that Athlete Maria Sharapova always looks stylish in her matches. The athlete certainly enjoys wearing the Givenchy dress from SS19 couture collection, with the mini skirt silhouette!