During the trans-season time, Michael Kors unveils its pre-fall looks and gives the most fun details in outfits and leather goods. Floral prints are found in sundresses, using rose and daisy prints in calf-length cut. It reminds us of the cool era in the ’90s where Gwen Stefani rocked her similar navy dress in “Don’t Speak” video.

Michael Kors has just adopted the fur-free collection in 2018. But it doesn’t stop them from creating the coolest faux Mongolian shearling fur in jackets and trench coats.

In terms of accessories, Michael Kors pre-fall 2019 collection brought out the party bags which comes in snakeskin leather, faux fur, and sequin details.

Michael Kors also serves the seventies vibes with its slouchy boho style in bags, platform boots, waistcoats, and rose-tinted sunglasses. Lastly, you can’t miss this collection without getting the snakeskin platform boots that match with almost any calf-length dress right now.

“Here we are many years later, and I think back and that time to me is romance and charm and all the things I think are disappearing now,” said Kors during a presentation of the collection to WWD.com. “As an adult, I realize the Seventies in New York were pretty gruesome, but I didn’t think that way then. I thought anything was possible and we have got to get back to that.”