Jewellery trend report: Gold makes a comeback

Gold is officially back in the game. High jewellery is once again bedecked in the precious metal that denotes glitz, glamour, and grandeur. Chunky, minimalistic, or dripping with diamonds, gold jewellery makes a statement regardless. Go forth and spoil yourself with these gilded picks that are ripe for the season:


Jewellery report: All that glitters is gold, and in season” by Diandra Soliano first appeared on PrestigeOnline Malaysia 

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Themiz Z Evil Eye Collection

The ‘evil eye’ symbol is one seen commonly with jewellery and home decor, but never quite decked out in crystals like this. Designer Themis Zouganeli has reimagined her Evil Eye collection for Autumn/Winter 2019 by using golden and brown shades of crystal. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and a big ol’ cuff.

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Gem Dior by Dior

You can always expect a handful of coloured stones with the Dior High Jewellery Collection, and it’s never short of exquisite. This time around, the Gem Dior collection is a play on words between gem in English, and j’aime in French which means “I love”. Creative director of Dior’s fine jewellery says the rings in particular are “like a little packet of stones that have been placed on the finger. A throw of stones like a throw of the dice. They topple over one another and wedge together to create effects of volume and relief just like geological strata or certain minerals such as pyrite, which have very geometric constructions.”

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Le Marché des Merveilles - Gucci Basel 2019

We’re suckers for these dainty honeybees! Crafted in 18k yellow and white gold, the motif is encrusted with white diamonds and complemented with of course, Gucci’s double G logo. But you’ve got to see it up close to believe it, because the wings actually do flap ever so slightly! If these earrings look a little too extra for your taste, the Le Marché des Merveilles collection also features a honeybee pendant.

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Tiffany & Co's Tiffany True

Yes, this one is an engagement ring, but worth celebrating regardless of the occasion because we finally have the most popular engagement ring to exist, now in 18k yellow gold! Notice the T-shaped detail in the setting? Love is found in the tiniest of details with this expression, from its fancy yellow cushion modified diamond, to the way each centre stone sits low on the finger in a geometric setting.

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Le Paris Rusee De Chanel by Chanel

In the off chance that you happen to be a fan of early 20th century Russian art, Chanel’s new collection, unveiled during Haute Couture Week in Paris, is right up your alley. It was also inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s life and encounters with Russian artist friends. There are 63 pieces in the collection but in particular, nothing stands out quite as much as the gorgeous Ble Maria tiara in yellow and white gold, pink spinels, Mandarin garnets, coloured tourmalines and diamonds.