Louis Vuitton’s latest fine jewellery line adds colours to the maison’s iconic quatrefoil flower, a vocal paint on its monogram. The Colour Blossom BB collection sees mother-of-pearl and ornamental stones turned into the flower shape. 

Pink mother-of-pearl is enhanced by rose gold, while vibrant shades of turquoise, malachite and lapis-lazuli shimmer against yellow gold. Gleaming, mysterious onyx is juxtaposed with white gold on a necklace that opposes the Monogram flower and the recognisable “LV” initials. With its delicate details and range of colours, the collection makes for a perfect everyday jewellery, worn on its own or stacked with other charms. 

The stones used in the collection is chosen not just for its exquisite shades, but also its meaning. Pink mother-of-pearl embodies well-being, malachite brings luck, onyx symbolises strength and turquoise represents vitality, while lapis-lazuli spreads out serenity.

Intricate details in the collection is sculpted and polished by hand, extends its voluptuous curves along delicate yellow gold, rose gold and white gold chains, where a close-set diamond sparkles for added shine. A gold nail, a centuries-old symbol of the brandʼs trunk-making heritage, pricks the centre of each flower.

All Louis Vuitton jewellery pieces are RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council)-certified. This means each one is responsibly made, from the extraction of the precious stones and metals to their distribution, through their crafting.