Four Seasons Bali at Sayan‘s latest environmental programme has less to do with replanting trees and more with preserving honeybees. Teaming up with local grassroots initiative, Plan Bee Indonesia, the luxury resort has participated in “Indonesia’s first bee conservation programme”. Plan Bee has previously set up bee centres in remote West and North Bali.

At the resort, Chef Liam Nealon is managing the new bee centre, consisting of two new bee hives, each home to a queen and some 10,000 workers. The bee centre shows the resort’s commitment to combat bee’s colony collapse disorder. According to Plan Bee’s research, there is a sharp decline in bee colonies in Indonesia due to use of pesticides, slash-and-burn agriculture, loss of habitat and climate change.

On a lighter note, the preservation allows for the sustainable production of Four Seasons Wild Sayan Honey. The honey is used in the resort’s restaurants, cooking classes and spa treatments. At Sacred River Spa, the Wild Sayan Honey will be used in a sublime 120-minute Swadhisthana chakra ceremony inspired by Balinese rituals for wedding, pregnancy and rites of passage.