8 purse-friendly beauty essentials – including Rare Beauty, Kayali and more

Don’t walk out the door without these handy and purse-friendly beauty essentials. Whether you’re heading out for a coffee-filled jaunt in the afternoon or a lavish dinner at the city’s latest hotspot, your makeup will stay fresh all day with these beauty products. 

Makeup malfunctions happen to even the best of us. Now that our new normal includes putting on a face mask for our excursions, our makeup and hair beauty routines are now faced with a whole new level of challenge that oftentimes can only be fixed with quick touch-ups. 

And with mini and micro bags becoming more and more in vogue, we reckon that these items should be pocket-sized to easily fit into our daily routines.  

For that, we’ve rounded up a few purse-friendly beauty must-haves for your day-to-day.

Here are 8 purse-friendly beauty essentials you shouldn’t leave home without:

Fans of the Tom Ford Traceless foundation, rejoice. You can take this flawless and undetectable foundation when you’re on the go, now that the formula arrives in a compact cushion version. In fact, consider this an upgrade, because the compact cushion foundation includes optimal sun protection (SPF 45 PA ++++). The buildable coverage ensures that with every retouch, your makeup remains effortless. Plus, the water-resistant formula provides the longwear we all need — especially in our humid climate.

Folks with oily skin can relate to this: sometimes, when the heat turns up, it seems like the blusher we’ve carefully placed on disappears. Or with all the constant face mask removals, that radiant glow progresses into a dull colour. An easy and quick fix to that is Nudestix’s versatile Magnetic Lip Plush Paints — which doubles as a liquid blush. The velvety formula helps with blurring uneven skin textures, and the vibrancy provides just the right amount of pop to the cheeks.

There’s nothing quite like freshly-applied perfume. Take this Kayali EDP Rollerball along for the day and envelop yourself with fragrances that come from a Huda Beauty sister brand. On one end, the Vanilla 28 offers a decadent and sublime mix of jasmine, brown sugar, and amber. On another end, Musk 12 is a voluptuous blend of sandalwood, musk, and freesia that creates an enchanting scent. According to an interview with Fat Mascara, the visionary behind all things Kayali, Mona Kattan, has an affinity for gourmand perfumes and a drive to push for fragrance longevity, so expect to smell delicious throughout the day.

Everybody needs a reliable lip salve, and this Clarins Lip Comfort Oil has taken the internet by storm — with good reason! While the word ‘oil’ might make you think of a slippery mess, this plush oil feels more like a cushion that hugs your lips with its nourishing formula which boasts a trio of plant oils. The oil imbues the lips with a healthy sheer gloss, and we must say, the giant doe-foot applicator makes it a smooth, single-swipe application. Say goodbye to chapped lips, no matter where you go. 

It’s becoming a cardinal rule now to shield the skin from sun damage. According to this Business Insider article, our SPF is only at 100% performance for two hours after application. And when you’re in sunny Malaysia, the sun is perpetually shining bright. Supergoop! has come up with a neat solution to the constant reapplication problem, and it’s in this 100% mineral powder SPF. Complete with broad spectrum (which protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays), the powder is a convenient way for you to both reapply and refresh your makeup. Stash this in your purse and protect your skin from sun damage all day long.

Whether you’re rocking a natural complexion or layering your makeup, the skin produces sebum throughout the day. An excessive amount will lead to an oily appearence, and nobody wants that. Alongside Rihanna’s many crowd-favourite base product, this beauty essential also has innovation at its core. Packaged in a discreet and tiny case, the traditional Japanese paper is silky smooth and absorbent. The scroll design lets you decide the size you need, dispensing an adequate amount each time. Refill available.


While you may be sacrificing precious purse space, this Rare Beauty Blot & Glow Touch-Up Makeup Kit is a conveniently-packaged two-in-one wonder. Retouching your base has never been easier. The blotting sheet absorbs any excessive oil, and the pre-filled powder puff (yes, pre-filled!) releases just the right amount of powder to refresh the skin. Gone are the days of over-powdering and accidentally emphasising the dry patches. You’ll definitely want to keep it in your bag at all times. Refills available. 

The perfect lip is never complete without a meticulously-lined edge. Maintaining this sophisticated lip look takes a specific combination of products – often requiring a well-sharpened lip liner and a smudge-proof lipstick. What if we were to tell you that this Bobbi Brown lipstick has both of that rolled into one product? The pure power pigment formula gives a creamy matte finish, and the fine-tip glide with the precision of a pen. The feather-resistant colour will last despitet all that humidity trapped under the mask, and survive meals. And should you ever wear the tip down, a built-in sharpener is right there to give you a fresh nib.

Featured image credit: Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels 

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