Age Knockdown Bomb vs Prime Infusion Essence? Find out which belif products is best suited for you

When it comes to maintaining that youthful skin, it doesn’t come easy unless you have the right products at hand.

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of the term ‘skin ageing’. Sagging, dullness, wrinkles and fine lines are just some of the most common signs of ageing faced by both women and men. As you age, your skin and its cells get weaker. These cells are the ones that produce collagen to give you that plump and smooth-looking texture you see. Without healthy cells, skin lacks the energy to constantly rejuvenate itself to give you glowing, youthful skin.

Here comes a tough question: Do you know that your skin starts ageing as soon as you stop growing? One of the biggest misconceptions about anti-ageing products is that you only need to use them once you hit a certain age. False! Skin ageing is natural process that’s caused by both internal and external factors. Growing old mainly contributes to skin ageing, but not taking precautions like wearing sunscreen before heading out or living an unhealthy lifestyle speeds up the process. This is what we called premature ageing and it happens to even the best of us.

Starting with an efficient premature ageing routine is the best way to conquer those signs. belif Youth Creator – Age Knockdown range has all the essentials you need to maintain that youthful complexion. The range focuses on building the skin’s basic strength, amping up its resilience to fight against external aggressions that may come your way. There are four main pillars that your skin needs in order to maintain that youthfulness: moisture, renewal, elasticity and protection. And every single product in this range is able to provide all of the above so you can have peace of mind.

Next up is a more ‘mature’ series. As you grow older, the skin evolves, which simple means its priorities and needs could be entirely different from what you were used to. belif Prime Infusion range is best suit for people who have mature and sensitive skin. It’s more fragile and more irritable than any other skin type, but yet it requires effective, highly concentrated yet non-irritating ingredients to show results. belif’s key formula, the Napiers formula is introduced by the brand that holds more than 150 years of experience in traditional herbal processing methods.

belif Prime Infusion range consist of Repair Toner, Repair Essence, Eye Cream, Repair Emulsion and Repair Cream

Mountain Daisy was picked to be the hero ingredient of this delicate range. It is chosen for its purifying, skin regenerating and wound healing properties that is very much needed for mature and sensitive skin. As the Mountain Daisy is a very uncommon ingredient, it is treated carefully throughout the entire formulation process. Each of them is carefully handpicked one by one, then dried in the shade. To further increase its youthful effects, the Mountain Daisy is soaked in nectar instead of oil in a dedicated 72-hour-long traditional herbal extraction.

Visit belif’s official website for more info. The belif Age Knockdown and Prime Infusion range is available at selected THE FACE SHOP stores or online and ZALORA. Excited to try more belif products? Join their giveaway that’s currently ongoing right now! belif Malaysia is giving out five Legendary Fairy Beauty Secret Sets worth RM150 each. All you need to do is follow belif Malaysia on Instagram, tag five friends at the comment section here and fingers crossed you’ll get to win a set!

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This article originally appeared on Lifestyle Asia KL.

Before diving into your skincare regimen, add this pre-step essence into your routine. This essence helps prep the skin by enhancing its skin barrier, increasing the basic strength of skin. It’s a moisturizing, silky water type essence that’s rich in antioxidant to active skin cells and protect them from external stressors.


Watch your enlarged pores shrink with the Youth Creator – Age Knockdown Bomb. It’s clinically proven to reduce its length by 19.2%, reduce its appearance by 46.1% and even increases skin’s elasticity by 18.5%. Thank to its Age Down Formula™, it’s a unique blend of herbs that’s formulated to strengthen skin’s elasticity and texture for smooth, radiant skin.


3 /8

Youth Creator - Age Knockdown V Cream

Seal and lock all the goodness of skincare in with this total anti-ageing cream. It has a specialized formula that helps reduce wrinkles and boost elasticity for young and firm skin. Just apply all over the face and neck as a last step in your routine, overall strengthening your skin’s health to fight against wrinkles and fine lines.


Don’t settle for a cleanser that strips away the skin’s moisture. This one from belif doesn’t, yet it deeply cleanses the pores and leaves the skin moisturised and nourished. It’s formulated with the Prime Infusion range’s key ingredient, Mountain Daisy that’s known for its purifying and regenerating effect.


Now that the skin is all cleansed, next step is toner. Highly-concentrated with Solar Infused Mountain Daisy, it’s designed not only to prep the skin for the rest of the anti-ageing products but also starts the anti-wrinkle process on the skin to fight against any fine lines.


Using the regenerating effects of Solar Infused Mountain Daisy, belif also combined Skin-Sync Technology into its formulation. It mimics the same texture as human skin’s bio-fluid — so that your skin is able to fully absorb the essence into the skin with high moisture retention.


The Prime Infusion Repair Emulsion has a unique miky, creamy type texture that is rich with the healing and strengthening properties of Mountain Daisy. It works by improving firmness and elasticity of the skin, without weighing down the skin or leaving any greasiness behind.


Prime Infusion’s star product; The Repair Cream is a total anti-ageing cream that defeats all signs of ageing. It also creates a moisture-regenerating barrier so your skin stays radiant and firm. Its ointment texture is definitely unique, but it completely adheres to the skin like a veil after application, delivering anti-gravity firming effects into the deep layers of the skin.

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