5 best magnetic eyelashes for foolproof voluminous lashes all day

If you struggle to apply false eyelashes despite watching countless tutorials, or are still on the fence about getting extensions, don’t fret. Turns out there’s a much easier, fuss-free alternative: magnetic eyelashes.

Essentially false eyelashes that cling to your eyelids with the help of magnetic eyeliner, or by sandwiching magnetic lash strips together, these eyelashes are known for being much easier to use, mostly because instead of glue, the magnetic eyeliner — which already lines your eyes perfectly — helps guide the eyelashes to the optimum shape and position on your lashes.

These eyeliners work by using iron oxides that act like a paint-on magnet, which attracts the little strip of magnets around the lashes. All you have to do then, is line your eyelid and watch them snap right into position.

The “sandwiching” technique, on the other hand, involves placing one lash strip (with magnets along its base) under your natural lashes and another lash strip (also with magnets along its base) above. The two magnets latch to one other and ‘sandwich’ your natural lashes to give a fluttery lash effect.

To minimise lash damage or traction alopecia, however, we recommend restricting your use of magnetic lashes that sandwich your own natural lashes.

Below, the best magnetic eyelashes to add to your lash collection

(Hero and featured image: Unsplash & @kendalljenner)

This cute set — created in collaboration with Love Island’s Liberty Poole, no less — features the brand’s Brunchin’ Magnetic Lashes that stay on all night with the help of its Black Hybrid Liner, which thankfully comes with a fine tip to allow for the most precise of cat eye flicks. Use the touch-up pen provided in the kit to clean up your look — especially useful if you have butter fingers.


Crafted with luxurious, faux mink hair, the Lilly Lashes Click Magnetic Lash in the style ‘Bonded’ adorns the eyes with instant glamour and volume. The lashes feature 12, micro-magnets that lock in place for all-day drama. Lightweight and supremely comfortable, the lashes offer up to 50 uses.


Ardell lashes are one of the best in the market and are designed to enhance your natural appearance. It offers a large selection of comfortable and lightweight lashes that may be customised to achieve looks that range from wispy to dramatic.


These magnetic lashes from Kiss are a great buy at an affordable price, with their easy-to-apply design and natural-looking faux-mink strands. They feature a firm grip that is resistant to smearing and wind and lasts up to 16 hours. They have also been dermatologist-tested, perfect for those with sensitive eyes.


Comfortable and long-lasting, this flexible cotton-band lash comes with eight rounded lightweight magnets that are undetectable and offer a strong hold, ensuring your lashes stay put all day. These vegan mink lashes can be worn for a little over 30 times, and offer full volume, flared lashes that work well for all eye shapes.


This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner safe?

Answer: Anything new that comes in contact with your eyes -- whether it's magnetic eyeliner or even regular gel eyeliner -- has the potential to cause irritation, contact dermatitis, or an allergic response. But what about hair loss or natural lash damage? According to experts, magnetic eyeliner is likely safer as compared to lash extensions and traditional falsies -- especially for traction alopecia sufferers -- since the false lashes are sustained by your lid rather than merely your natural lashes, bringing less stress to them.

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