Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with these eco-friendly beauty products

Happy Earth Day, Earthlings! Today, we celebrate the 52nd iteration of the day, themed ‘Invest in Our Planet’. It’s all about improving the climate while simultaneously growing green and profitable businesses for us to propel into the future more sustainably.

In recent years, the word “sustainability” has seen exponential growth in terms of its usage. But what does it really entail in our day-to-day activities? 

“Sustainability” has never been totally about forsaking worldly pleasures, but it acts more as a reminder for us to consume with the planet in mind and more consciously. This year’s Earth Day theme captures the essence of that thought perfectly. For businesses and corporations to take the green leap, they must first see the demand. Our job on the consumer end is to prove to them just that.

In the global beauty industry, brands have been venturing into the space for over the past decade. Josie Maran, model-turned-businesswoman kickstarted her eco-conscious eponymous beauty line back in 2009 — one of the earliest Western beauty lines to follow that approach. Now, brands that feature eco-friendly beauty goodies are widely available, thus creating the space to allow for more people to make the change.

From exploring eco-friendly packaging to nixing micro-plastics from their product formulations, consumers can now have even greater access to green alternatives to their favourite skincare and cosmetics goods – all thanks to the constant technological advancements and scientific discoveries that are being made.

However, if you’re new to the school of thought, or simply want to expand your eco-friendly beauty repertoire, we’ve got that covered! From your shower needs to fragrances to covet, these are the must-haves if you’re considering making the switch. These also make for great gifts if you’ve got planet-loving friends in your circle. 

Eco-friendly beauty products to include into your self-care routine:

This may be the easiest eco-conscious switch to make. Whether you use cotton pads for makeup removal or your skincare routine, swapping them out for these reusable pads will only elevate your experience. Soft, lint-free and washable, it’s a win-win situation for you and the planet!

Image credit: Paula’s Choice

It’s 2022 — time to phase out the superfluous use of single-use makeup remover wipes. While some brands may be offering wipes with skincare benefits, because it’s used in the removal process, most of that will end up down the drain anyway. Equally as great for travel are these reusable makeup removers that will take off even waterproof makeup with just water.

Image credit: Makeup Eraser

Achieve your supermodel skin with these skin treats. Not only are these items eco-friendly, they are also some of the best skincare products in the game right now. Celebrities across the world are pampered pre-red carpet with these plush creams from Augustinus Bader and Charlotte Tilbury, both of which arrive with spectacular ingredient lists. Much newer to the market, Glow Recipe’s latest moisturiser hydrates the skin while giving you a long-lasting and enviable glow.

Image credit: Glow Recipe

Fenty Beauty may have recently taken over the internet with its refillable lipsticks, but this method of lipstick delivery has always been around. Classic brands such as House of Sillage and Givenchy have always offered refillable lip colour — with more variety when it comes to the encasements. Whether you’re into bling or a soft-touch wrapping, using refillable lipsticks offer a layer of personalisation that won’t otherwise be available to you.

Image credit: Hourglass Cosmetics

Perfume flacons are absolutely works of arts — at least for most cases. The glassware last a great length of time, so it would be such a loss to even consider tossing them into the bin, especially when you have landed on your signature scent. Fashion houses such as Mugler and Louis Vuitton offer perfume fountains at certain locations, allowing fans of the fragrance to simply have a refill of the favourite juices instead of purchasing another bottle. But more accessibly, Armani and Dior offer a similarly convenient way of refilling that saves you a flight.

Image credit: Armani

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Consider this: Liquids will always need a form of packaging in which to house them, and even when it’s made with post-consumer recycled materials, they will most probably find their way back to landfills. Cut the waste and turn to solids where you can. Swap out shower gels with body soaps that are equally as nourishing, or shampoo and conditioner bars that won’t accidentally cover your luggage with slippery residue.

Image credit: Davines

Featured and hero image credit: Pexels by Karolina Grabowska

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