Love is in the hair: Our favourite products to combat hair loss

Men and women experience hair loss at different stages in their lives, attributable to genes, hormones, stress and other conditions. While there are serious conditions that require a doctor’s diagnosis, most hair loss is treatable with improved diet and adding supplements and massage to your daily haircare steps.

With advanced haircare technology, there are a slew of products on the shelves that can restore your crowning glory. Here, we list down our favourite products for thicker, fuller hair you can get off the counters or online.


(Main image: Vinicius “amnx” Amano/Unsplash)

The ingredients in this bottle are so precious, it makes you want to relish every drop. A new hair care brand under Kens Apothecary, Rahua prides itself as “Rainforest Grown Beauty” with an interesting beginning in the Amazonian Forest. The rahua oil has been used by members of the tribe who live deep within the rainforest for centuries, giving them long, lustrous hair and beautiful skin. There’s so much to love about the plant-based Rahua – the sustainable spirit of the brand, the bottles the shampoo come in, the gorgeous scent and the precious liquid itself that soothes the scalp and leaves it feeling clean. After a few uses, the hair is glossy and appears healthier while hair shedding is visibly reduced. And we hear it only gets better with consistent use!

If there’s one product you must have to manage your hair fall or thinning problem, then we highly recommend you invest in Adenovital Scalp Power-Shot because it has been proven to encourage hair growth within weeks of use. All thanks to Shiseido’s proprietary “Hair Powerising System” that focuses on the root of the cause to target hair loss. The brand recommends twice a day use (morning and night, after washing), by spraying at 15 different spots around the head and gently massaging it to let the shots work its way through. The other products within the Sublimic Adenovital range are also effective as a tag team in regrowing thinning tresses. Hello, baby hair!

Easily available at pharmacies, supermarkets, online stores across all platforms and even in your neighbourhood mini mart, the Pantene Shampoo Hairfall Control rises to the occasion without having to try so hard. The hairfall shampoo really cleans the scalp and reduces traces of oil, leaving it soft and bouncy. Our favourite part? It’s not at all drying, is easy on the pocket and minimises hair fall by strengthening the roots. Stop overthinking and just add to cart!

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This homegrown tropical spa products brand has been around since the year 2000 and they take pride in using natural products with high percentages of botanical complexes compared to most products in the market. Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise at how most of its products are gentle on the skin and delivers its promise. Case in point: the Tanamera Hair Treatment Cream. Concocted from virgin coconut oil and jojoba oil, it can even stimulate underperforming follicles in the scalp while giving your hair shaft and follicles a boost. This is an overnight cream, just apply it at night and wash it off in the morning.

If you love washing your hair every day, then you’ll definitely love this dynamic duo from L’Occitane. By alternating your wash routine between Gentle & Balance micellar shampoo and Volume & Strength shampoo, you’re on your way to healthier scalp and stronger hair in no time. Formulated with prebiotic natural sugar complex and enriched with 5 essential oils, the former works well in washing away dirt, grist, pollution and excess oil while maintaining the scalp’s natural balance. The Volume & Strength shampoo contains 5 essential oils and natural vegetal keratin, and it helps to improve the strength, volume and thickness of your hair.

This vegan and earth-friendly shampoo is packed with 17 proprietary herbal ingredients including red Korean seaweed, nettle leaf extract, biotin, he shou wu, pygeum bark extract, black cumin seed oil, saw palmetto, argan oil and amla oil. Free from harmful chemicals, it helps to keep hair healthy while the exclusive herbal blend strengthens and nourishes the hair from the root up to the tip. Some, like us, may also find the herbal scent to be thoroughly soothing. Best used with Pura D’or Thin2Thick Conditioner and thinning therapy energising scalp serum.

Castor oil has been trusted since the ancient Egypt days and along the way, people have used it liberally to ease constipation, induce labour, moisture and to fortify the hair, scalp and nails. Thanks to its strong moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s beneficial for dry/damaged hair and to combat dandruff too. If you want to add this Cleopatra’s secret beauty weapon to your cache, we highly recommend Melvita Castor Oil which is touted to be the first cold-pressing organic oil with high level of active principles. Massage the oil onto your scalp after shampooing to encourage growth and strengthen hair follicles. Also great for eyelashes and nails.

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