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While staying indoors we turn our energy toward caring for ourselves, and that extends to skincare as a form of self-care. The morning and night routines are therapeutic and taking care of our skin means we're also taking care of our health. Don't forget, the skin is an organ and in fact, the largest organ we have. It's all fun, games, and face masks until 'lockdown skin' kicks in. The visible concerns many of us experienced include oiliness and acne, which makes little sense -- what could be harming our skin indoors? Unfortunately, answers include the transition from sitting in an air-conditioned office for hours to a warmer room or vice versa, not eating as healthily when snacks are just a few steps away, and any other change that comes as a shock to our system, which includes our skin. The good news is that in time, your skin will adapt. There are a number of products we tried, tested and loved for its aid in boosting the skin's resilience. Or, you could just use this time to work on a new skincare routine and pamper yourself.  You'll find most of these products online too. (Main image and featured image credit: cottonbro/Pexels)
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Diandra Soliano

Associate Editor, MY
Diandra Soliano is the Associate Editor of Prestige Online Malaysia. In between morning coffees, long lunches (business, of course), and meeting deadlines over sundown cocktails in the city, you can find her at the yoga studio - or at least she hopes.
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