The best yoga mats of 2021, from sustainable to stylish
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Yoga mats aren't just essential for yoga practices these days. Now they're a lockdown staple in a time of home workouts and juicy stretches for quick breaks. There are two main aspects to every yoga mat: the material, and thickness. Yoga mats made from materials like suede (our personal preference) are better for grip, which is particularly useful for sweaty palms (and now you know why). A typical yoga mat is 3 to 5mm thick but if you want more comfort for your knees and wrists, thicker ones are available at up to 8mm -- bulky, but safe. Then there are travel yoga mats too, which are thin enough to fold into a square and carry around. Find the best yoga mats 0f 2021 here:
Main image credit: KoolShooters & Elly Fairytale from Pexels)
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Diandra Soliano

Associate Editor, MY
Diandra Soliano is the Associate Editor of Prestige Online Malaysia. In between morning coffees, long lunches (business, of course), and meeting deadlines over sundown cocktails in the city, you can find her at the yoga studio - or at least she hopes.