These are dire times. We’ve watched people clear out supermarkets and pharmacy shelves, leaving little to no essentials for the needy. On our screens, we’re consistently inundated with reports of new Coronavirus cases across the world, and countries imposing nationwide lockdowns in a bid to contain the outbreak. Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has just announced the extension of the movement control order (MCO) to 14 April.

Yet for all of the world’s madness, it’s not all doom and gloom with videos surfacing of Italian people singing in solidarity on their balconies, food delivery companies doing their part to assist the elderly and the vulnerable, and Malaysian companies offering generous gestures of free food, services, and ride-sharing vouchers to local healthcare professionals.

It is these crumbs of comfort that have been keeping our spirits afloat, while working from home and social distancing have become the new normal. With this disruption in your routine, the mental health implications are aplenty. Being cooped up at home for extended amounts of time can drive anyone stir-crazy, anxious, and deflated. We recommend the following to help you stay productive and sane.