Events Coming Up: Glowtopia Festival, The Andaman Presents Zee Avi & More

Bid 2018 goodbye and usher in the new year with a number of activities taking place over the next two weeks, from an underwater magic show making The Malaysia Book of Records, to a collector’s markets where you can find old and beloved records, and the biggest glow in the dark festival, to a special performance by our very own Zee Avi:

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If you like: Fun parties

What’s going on: Get your flow on at the first ever edition of Glowtopia Festival, Malaysia’s largest glow in the dark festival. Highlights of the festival is the 300-feet-long Blacklight Slide, a “Glow Battle Zone” and a fireworks countdown show.

Event details: 31 December from 6pm till midnight at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon

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If you like: The music of Zee Avi

What’s going on: In the second instalment of ‘The Andaman Presents’ songstress Zee Avi is putting on a splendid performance exclusively for in-house guests. Her dulcet, jazzy hits include ‘Bitter Heart’ and ‘Siboh Kitak Nangis’.

Event details: 27 December at The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi

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If you like: Finding knick knacks at markets

What’s going on: Looking for antiques, vintage toys, musical memorabilia and vinyl? You’ve come to the right place, that is if you make your way to the market. Collectors from all across the country are setting up stalls, proving that one’s man trash is another man’s treasure.

Event details: 29-30 December from 10am-10pm at Publika

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If you like: Marine life

What’s going on: Aquaria KLCC is celebrating an “Enchanted Christmas” with a host of activities for the whole family. The venue is also creating history in The Malaysia Book of Records with the very first underwater magic show, alongside underwater Santa feeding sessions.

Event details: Aquacadabra will be held on 29&30 December at Aquaria KLCC

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