Excellent scotch and great company — not a bad way to skip the Friday evening rush hour traffic. We recently had the pleasure of attending The Singleton of Glen Ord’s second tasting session. Held at the Colony KL Co-Working Space in the heart of the city, guests consisted of entrepreneurs from Colony KL and media members.

The evening highlighted aged and non-aged statement whiskies and the key differences between the two. Ben Ng, Brand Consultant, shared on the unique taste notes of The Singleton of Glen Old, which is Malaysia’s highest-selling single malt whisky. Teaching guests how to properly appreciate whisky, he demonstrated how swinging the glass slowly from side to side and taking small whiffs helps the smell of whisky to encapsulate the senses, providing a richer experience.

He then invited the crowd to savour the great taste of whisky by highlighting the slow and savoury process that takes place when the whisky touches the palate, igniting the taste buds with smooth and spicy notes.  Guests also learnt that a whisky’s taste does not  necessarily depend on its age, but rather how well its aged — a result of everything from the distillation process to the type of cask the whisky is matured in.

Need a drink recommendation for the weekend? After a session of true whisky appreciation of the 12 Year Old, Signature, and Sherry Cask, we can now call ourselves connoisseurs (or at least fans) of the Sherry Cask. This whisky, matured in sherry casks, posesses the most delicious flavours of plum and caramel with a long finish of dark chocolate.

But it is Friday and should you want something stronger, look no further down the menu than at the Signature, which brings o the palate an initial pepper note, followed by sweet cooked apples and rich dried fruits. Need we say more than “cheers”?