Cover stories of the year 2019

A lookback at the fascinating personalities who made it on our front cover in the year 2019.

“A force to be reckoned with,” is how Erwin Azizi describes the power that could emerge following a Malaysia-Indonesia alliance.

To really get to know Aaron Chin and January So, one has to dig deeper beyond the surface. On paper, Aaron is the multi- faceted entrepreneur with a sharp sense of business acumen. By his side, January is the accomplished actress who has established a name for herself in the entertainment scene.

Yiu Lin, has always been very focused on what she wanted out of life. At just 26, she decided to leave a corporate career at Boston Consulting Group to embark on her own business venture, setting up the multi-label store ShoesShoesShoes.

“At the end of the day, all you have is yourself. You can’t depend on other people to achieve your dreams so you have to work for it. “

“I want girls to feel safe with sport and know that they can use sport to build their self-confidence and self-esteem.”

Just two weeks after their engagement ceremony, Ezran Daud Cheah and Ally Mukhriz are sitting next to each other, recounting the tale of their four-year romance. But as fate would have it, their relationship spans way back to their adolescent years, where an innocent friendship took place and blossomed into a beautiful romance.

“Personally for me why my art career began was because I decided I cannot be shy about my work anymore and I have to show it despite my fears.”

“I have never been so proud to be Malaysian,” Dian shares, reflecting on her experience in making the documentary. “Because it is not just about the victory. Even before the election,I said that it doesn’t matter the outcome because we have won the battle for change. The amount of ground movement that was happening. – the Undi Rabu, Pulang Mengundi movement. People were organising themselves. These are the things that were never heard of before.”

“A lot of businesses these days go ‘oh I’m going to put a pool table in the office.’ We don’t do that. If you are able to turn your company into a living, breathing city, then you do not need to be the boss anymore. Every staff is the boss of the company.”

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“I am a millennial and so I understand the millennial mindset. We are curious, worldly and constantly exploring and seeking out new things.”

“I value my team and recognise their achievements. If you have good people around you, then success is already yours.”

Creative spirits Suhaili Micheline, Marini Ramlan, and Alena Murang reveal how they managed to pursue their dreams while striving for a purpose bigger than their craft.