Since its inception four years ago, the Prestige Malaysia KK Ball has always been an emblem of the steadfast relationship shared between East and West Malaysia. This year’s ball showcased the theme ‘Modern Chinois’, as the ballroom at The Magellan Sutera Resort was transformed to a chic modern Chinese setting, complete with paper lanterns, oral blooms and romantic fringe curtains. The much-anticipated event marked the highlight of Sabah’s high society’s social calendar as they gathered to celebrate a memorable evening lled with merriment and extravagance.

On the agenda that night was a spirited performance by cello rock band, Paladin, who vowed the audience with their unique sound. The spotlight then fell on violin maestro, Dr. Joanne Yeoh, who delivered a spellbinding performance that captivated the audience. Dinner was served in between the performances and guests indulged in delectable modern European cuisine specially curated for the ball. The night’s festivities took a fun twist when DJ Kelvin kick-started the dance oor with a selection of lively tunes that kept the guests dancing on their feet all night long.