Rainy days are perfect for staying in all day but wait, why waste a good weekend? Publika is organising a big celebration in conjunction with World Vegan Day, there’s a screening of the documentary “Obey Giant: The Art and Dissent of Shepard Fairey”, about the artist behind Barrack Obama’s famous “Hope” portrait, and there’s even a day dedicated to Britain. Here’s the scoop:

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World Vegan Day

If you like: Experimenting with new ways to step up your culinary game, while doing the planet a favour

What’s going on: Vegans and those flirting with the idea of a new lifestyle need to grab their recycable shopping bags and head on over to Malaysia’s largest vegan event. Apart from food (and definitely more than just tofu), there will be talks, performances, as well as yoga and meditation sessions.

Event details: 10-11 November from 10am-6pm at The Square, Publika, Solaris Dutamas

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The Premier of Obey Giant: The Art and Dissent of Shepard Fairey

If you like:  Art, politics and really good documentaries that combine both

What’s going on: Make it a movie date with the screening of this documentary, which is an inspiring look at the career of artist Shepard Fairey. The documentary goes deep into the world of street art and how it plays a role in politics and pop culture, as well as the controversy and praise from his iconic Obama “Hope” poster.

Event details: 10-11 November at 3pm, at the Urbanscape House, 2 Jl Hang Kasturi

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The BBC Player Carnival

If you like: Having a brilliantly British time

What’s going on: This family-friendly event features activities like arts and crafts workshops, music performances, and and to little surprise, screenings of Doctor Who. The little ones will also get to meet Duggee, Ubercorn and the Go Jetters live but if you need something more mature to get excited over, there’s a BBC Earth VR experience corner.

Event details: 10 November, Publika, Solaris Dutamas

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