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Dr Lam Sze Mun


Associate professor, Faculty of Engineering and GreenTechnology, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Dr Lam Sze Mun is an outstanding scientist that has been working on photocatalytic fuel cell-related research that can produce clean and sustainable energy from the treatment of greywater. “Traditional wastewater treatment only treats the water, but electricity may be simultaneously generated with the process,” explains Sze Mun, adding that this method can benefit rural areas facing difficulties with generating electricity. Her research has also uncovered that treated greywater has a use for agricultural purposes.

The inquisitive associate professor at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman admits that she would often ask the why questions as a child. “I realised that I am interested in experiment-based work. It gives me motivation and encouragement to seek out epiphanies in understanding how something works,” she says. “I wish to contribute my research discoveries, applications and impact to the nation and society worldwide.”

The thoughtful scientist also shares her research with STEM projects in secondary schools, universities, and community programmes to promote awareness to the public. “Through these programmes, we can encourage and educate the next generation of young women scientists throughout our careers, handing down knowledge and experience to our successors in science and technology,” she asserts.

She feels women have the opportunity now more than ever to close the gender gap in science and technology. “We, as young scientists, can make the difference and contribute towards the field through empowering women,” she says before adding, “the most important thing is not to lose confidence and to stay focused on what matters: doing great things for science and society.”

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